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Beginners Guide to Solo Backcountry Camping

I don’t think I necessarily wanted to venture into the backcountry by myself: full disclosure. There was no burning desire or hurdle to leap over, a box to check. But, when my go-to hiking partner has made alternative plans, I decided that it just might be the opportune time to give it a try.

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What's in my Camera Bag

Earlier this summer I set out to purchase a new camera - I was using an entry level camera from another brand and, although it worked fine for what I was doing, I was not reaching for it as much as I would have hoped for and my photos were not using out the way that I envisioned them. It was either time to invest in an arsenal of lenses, upgrade my camera or switch brands altogether. So I sat in front of my computer doing research and made frequent stops to my local camera store for a few weeks (and asked a handful of my friends whose advice I did not take - sorry!) and all of the paths I took left me with the Fujifilm X-T30 in hand and I could not be happier.

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The BEST (and worst) Instant Coffee

Two things that run through my veins: a love for the mountains and a really good cup of coffee. I have spent the past handful of years trying to find a way to leave my heavy bags of beans, grinder and aeropresse at home and find an instant coffee that I enjoy. In that time there have been some really wonderful strides in the field… and so this post was born.

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