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Seven days in the Dolomites

I visited the Dolomites in the summer of 2017 for the first time. We had two nights and three days and it poured rain the entire time. By the end of the trip my body was composed primarily of pizza and cappuccinos. It was one of the best trips of my life. I contemplated moving to northern Italy after those three days (I still toy with this idea every so often) and so when fate would have me back in Europe, I was determined to re-visit this place that I fell in love with and visit the things that time constrained on my previous visit.

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Along the Border of Arizona and Utah - a Perfect Place to Get Lost.

When I set out on my third road trip through the desert I wanted to see everything that I had missed or skipped over on previous trips (spoiler: this simply isn't possible). I had a google map pinned with locations along the Arizona-Utah border... but then they started migrating - one in New Mexico, some up near Salt Lake City, a few peppered into Nevada... 

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