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Beginners Guide to Solo Backcountry Camping

I don’t think I necessarily wanted to venture into the backcountry by myself: full disclosure. There was no burning desire or hurdle to leap over, a box to check. But, when my go-to hiking partner has made alternative plans, I decided that it just might be the opportune time to give it a try.

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Basecamp Golden -seven things to do in Golden, BC

I spent twelve days this summer with Golden, BC as my basecamp and on my drive home I caught myself looking at real estate listings online as I am not certain even a lifetime living in this small mountain town would be nearly enough to experience all it has to offer. With great food and coffee as well as a seemingly endless supply of year-round outdoor activities it was overwhelming narrowing it down to a week and a half and still hoping to have time to sleep and eat somewhere in-between. In the end I settled on a little bit of sleep, a lot of coffee and seven bucket list worthy adventures.

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