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Your Private Mountain Hideaway - WhiteCap Alpine

I woke up long before the sun on my first morning at WhiteCap Alpine Lodge and peered out my window to a sky filled with starts and a layer of fog filling the valley floor. After a few weeks in the city the silence felt almost deafening. I crept down the stairs in the WoodHall building where I slept, out the front door and down the path toward the soft glow of the main lodge. This is where Ron, the patriarch of WhiteCap sat beside a wood burning fireplace with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, a pot on the stove. It is moments like these, quiet conversations around a fire dozens of miles from cell phone towers, cars and any other conscious human, that remind you of what is important in life. A story of a baby born on a set of stairs wrapped in newspaper, tales of children learning to ski in the backcountry and the indirect route that life (more often than not) takes.

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Basecamp Golden -seven things to do in Golden, BC

I spent twelve days this summer with Golden, BC as my basecamp and on my drive home I caught myself looking at real estate listings online as I am not certain even a lifetime living in this small mountain town would be nearly enough to experience all it has to offer. With great food and coffee as well as a seemingly endless supply of year-round outdoor activities it was overwhelming narrowing it down to a week and a half and still hoping to have time to sleep and eat somewhere in-between. In the end I settled on a little bit of sleep, a lot of coffee and seven bucket list worthy adventures.

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Air, Land & Sea - The Nā Pali Coast Three Ways

(alternate titles for this post were "Finding Neverland" and "That time I nearly died on one of the most dangerous trails in the United States." )

The day I was born it was -36°C (-32.8°F) and I like to half-joke that it was in that first moment my distaste for cold weather began. Without fail, every year when mid January rolls around and my birthday is right on the horizon the cold Canadian winters start to really get to me.

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