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Kootenay National Park

The Kootenays or Kootenay (/ˈkuːtni/ KOOT-nee) is a region of southeastern British Columbia. It takes its name from the Kootenay River, which in turn was named for the Kutenai First Nations people. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of southeastern British Columbia, this National Park is 1,406 square kilometres (543 sq mi) of land of startling contrasts. The park's long narrow profile is packed full towering summits and hanging glaciers that meet narrow chasms, broad forested valleys, arid grasslands and colour-splashed mineral pools.

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Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is the fourth oldest Canadian national park, it is in located in the southwest corner of Alberta along the Canadian-American border with Glacier National Park (US) on the American side. The park features breathtaking landscapes and beautiful natural scenery including a unique combination of thick and beautiful pine-tree forests, Prairie grasslands, rolling hills, beautiful meadows, a selection of lakes and waterfalls, towering snow-peaked mountains, a charming and lovely townsite, a fantastic selection of hiking trails from easy to challenging, rugged and unspoiled wilderness, and an abundance of wildlife.

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Yoho National Park

Named for a Cree expression of awe and wonder, Yoho lies on the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Yoho National Park is in the Rocky Mountains, in eastern British Columbia, Canada. Waterfalls include Wapta Falls, on the Kicking Horse River, and towering Takakkaw Falls. A trail circles turquoise-coloured Emerald Lake, with a nearby natural stone bridge. The Lake O’Hara area contains alpine lakes, cliffs and wooded trails. 

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